The Creature

Front-Cover-8_thumb.jpgThe Creature: Forgotten Prometheus, is a sequel to Mary Shelley’s master work: “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus”. This book continues Shelley’s Creature’s struggle with its reason for existence, its purpose, and its fight against its unnatural nature. As with Shelley’s work, this novel expounds the idea of a fabricated human, and examines the unending question of: “Nature verses Nurture”. This novel is a work of fiction, suspense, and horror.

The unexpected discovery of a frozen corpse at the North Pole brings back a giant, hideous, and mysterious creature from the past to present-day California. When the awful thing unexpectedly reawakens from its icy grave it begins a new life in our world.

The Creature tells an exciting, knuckle biting story of this reawakened creature’s introduction into a contemporary world. The story explores a modern response to a pseudo human-being. Science is fascinated, greed is motivated, and yet fundamental human traits such as kindness and disgust flow through the story. Are we any better than we were 200 years ago? What benefits has science brought to our social interactions? Who are we, and what differences are we willing to accept?

This imaginative story is scary, fascinating, and raises difficult to answer questions about the very core of what it is to be human.


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