Knowland accepted into the Festival Nature Namur

Knowland accepted into the Festival Nature Namur


The Dog: Production Begins

I love making films, and my latest production of the short drama “The Dog” is no exception. It is a “feel-good” movie about how the unconditional love from a dog can cure even complex human problems. On Sunday we conducted rehearsals the part of every film production I really like as it is the coming together of everyone who collectively make a film. When we watch films we see mainly actors and The Dog has some seriously good ones in it.

DSC_5644 Stephen Laferriere is a very talented actor, known for Dinner Date (2013), Suicide Party Short (2013) and Wives with Knives (2012).

DSC_5636 The lovely Kate Greenwood has been in Beautiful Disaster, For Hear or to Go, and Minus One, just to name a few of her films.

Finn Finn is a veteran of many commercial film shoots. He’s really smart and is rightfully the star on my picture, well next to Kate and Stephen of course.

But movies are also a collection of talented people behind the scenes. The Dog has some great talent in this department too.

Holly Ruth, CMA was at rehearsals and tested her magic makeup skills on our acting team. Also, Gregg Holland the talented animal trainer accompanied Finn, or it might have been the other way around I not sure. Gregg is also an accomplished life style videographer. My lovely wife Julia Buss attend and ensured everyone was feed, arguably this is the most important role in film. And Semih Yanyali our musical master looked in to fill himself with the feel of the movie.

Principal photography is scheduled for  March 29 and 30. Keep your eye out for The Dog coming soon.