Mammoth Mountain skiing

Day One:

Boy, it snowed all during the night and blew a gale too. This made us worry about our day of skiing. In the morning it was still snowing and did so all day. What fell from the sky was a mix of snow and rain and this made the conditions wet and the snow heavy. However, given the sub optimal conditions we managed to ski all day and really enjoy ourselves.

Here is Julia and Andy getting ready to ski their first run.

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Day Two:

Oh my Darwin, 12″ of snow fell overnight so when we got onto the slopes in the morning we were treated to fluffy and dry powder snow; lots of it!

Andy had traded his skis for a snow board so he could take advantage of the amazing conditions. We skied from 9:00am to 3:00pm and only left because we had skied ourselves into oblivion.

This was the best day skiing all season, what a mountain Mammoth is!

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Our fourth visit to Heavenly

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