Ashland, heat, and volcanoes

July 2018

Goodness me, Julia and I are off on another road-trip. It seems we just got back from our Silver Lake road-trip and we are off on our next adventure. This time we head due north to Lassen Volcanic National Park to explore what remains of a rich hydrothermal site with acres of bubbling mud pots. The summit of Lassen Peak Volcano will offer us views over the vast forested surrounding wilderness. Nearby, the Devastated Area is littered with lava rocks from its last eruption. We’ll trek a network of trails through forest and around several lakes and walk on parts of the Pacific Crest Trail. Boy, oh! Boy I can’t wait.

From here we head out of California and further north onto Ashland in Oregon. We’ll spend time in America’s Shakespeare factory-town. We look forward to experiencing the Bard’s Love’s Labor’s Lost in the fiery hot and dry center of Oregon State.

We’ll then head west via Grant Pass and onto Crescent City. Here we’ll hike the remaining 4% of California’s old growth Redwood forests on our very favorite hike through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Returning south we’ll drive on a flow of electrons to Sheltered Cove, which is perched on the edge of California’s beautiful, northern, and rugged coastline.

Our last stop will be at Van Damme State Park on the magnificent Mendocino coastline. I think we might walk one of my favorite hikes through the superb forests of Russian Gulch. Who knows we might even visit a winery or two in the Anderson Valley on our way home. Stranger things have happened.


Sierra Nevada, Traversing

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Routes Traveled

For almost eight years now Julia and I have been traversing and exploring the Sierra Nevada from west to east and back again. We plan to take all the east west crossings there are, but figure this will take quite some time. We’re not in a rush.

So far, we have made the following crossings and incursions in to this mighty range of mountains.


Hwy 80

We have traveled 80 many times now all the way into Utah and back. This drive across the Sierra Nevada is nice, but certainly not the most splendid.

‣ Hwy 50

We’ve traveled the loneliest road from Utah to California, and it is surely very, very lonely. The drive on this road through the Sierra Nevada is spectacular and offers magnificent views of Lake Tahoe.

‣ Hwy 88

We just completed this crossing through the wonderful mountains and the views of granite peaks, mangled volcanic conglomerate rocks, and deep green forests is without comparison. Silver Lake, Kirkwood ski resort, and Thunder Mountain will welcome you as you take this road.

Hwy 4

So much spectacular scenery on this drive you’ll want to stop and take pictures constantly. It is the place to hike Wolf Creek, which is a Sierra wonderland of a place and fills me with marvelous memories.

Hwy 120

This beautiful drive takes you over the top of the Yosemite Valley and surrounds you in the most amazing granite the Sierra Nevada can offer. There are many small and remote lakes not far from the road that are all worth hiking to.


Kings Canyon

Redwood Mountain Grove is a nine-mile hike and picturesque location. It is noted as the world’s largest remaining forest of Sequoiadendron gigaremainin (Sequoia trees). Sounds awesome, and it was!

Yosemite Valley

What can I say about the Yosemite Valley that has not already been said except, if you haven’t visited this place you simply must.

Given what fun we’ve had so far, we’d like to continue our crossings and incursions of these magnificent ranges and add the following routes to our list:

‣ Hwy 178

‣ Hwy 155

‣ M-50

‣ Hwy 190

‣ Hwy 180

‣ Hwy 168

‣ Hwy 41

‣ Hwy 108

‣ Hwy 49

‣ Hwy 70

‣ Hwy 36

‣ Hwy 299

As you can see there is much to be explored and discovered. We’ll keep you posted.