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Desert Deserters Dessert: Pony Express


Day eight. As Mark Twain left the east coast for the Nevada Territory, to assist his brother in a job that never eventuated, he traversed the same desert plains Julia and I have been experiencing.
He crossed these harsh lands in a stagecoach that followed closely the route of the famous Pony Express.

Our stagecoach was more speedy and luxurious than Mr. Twain’s and it took us to one of the last remains of a Pony Express station.
Julia and I walked three miles in 95 degree heat across the sagebrush covered landscape to the old building and discovered not much more than a few stone walls that once housed many a foolhardy young man.
The walk itself was more rewarding than the ruin as it gave us a true sense of what it was like for the pioneering men and women who crossed these badlands on, houses, by foot, in stagecoaches, and covered wagons. I have only some small idea how they could achieve such a thing.