10 days until Greenland

Just ten more days to go before Julia and me arrive in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland and begin our sailing adventure around the Scoresby Sund.

The Sentinel-1 satellite image shows the ice has cleared the Scoresby Sund and so failing some kind of equipment issue we should be standing on the shores of Greenland soon.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

See http://davidmillett.net/Trips/2018/Greenland/Greenland-03.aspx for a full description of our trip.

Lost coast

At the very end of a remote and very windy road is the isolated and tiny hamlet of Shelter Cove. Once there you are at the end of the road, beyond this point is only the raging gray whitecaps of the Pacific Ocean.

There are no electric vehicle chargers in this place, but this is the last location for electricity. Thanks to the kindness of our innkeeper we were able to plug Tess of the driverville into 110 volts of the last electrons before you disappear into the cold gray ocean. It took 24 hours at this rate, but we did once more fill her belly with electrons. This ensures our return from the lost coast.

Fire, smoke, and wine

The sun hangs low in the western sky and creates an orange hue unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) fills the air blocking the sun, making it look feeble, and creating the spectacular sunset. But this PM 2.5 is small enough to evade your lung’s filtering systems allowing some to pass directly into your blood. Here it causes your immune system to react which creates an inflammatory response. This inflammation can lead to heart failure, stroke, and death. This is what all here in the burning west risk each day they breathe this smokey air.

Yet Julia and took this risk to visit some of the many wineries surrounding Ashland today, what choice did we have?

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Men precive women in many ways and 400 years ago the Bard knew it. This mixed perception became the subject of William Shakespeare’s early comedic play. However, even masters are beginners at some point in their lives, and Love’s Labour’s Lost was such a work for the Brad. This play was a training ground that helped him become a genius.

The story’s main premise is somewhat lost in the many tributaries that prevad this tale. It wants to be a comedy, but ends in tradegy. It wants us to like it, but there is no character worthy of our affections.

The director and actors of this performance did a valient job of making this under-par story fun and engaging. But in the end love and all the labor where indeed lost.