Given that Donald Trump is a narcissistic

gplogostackedgreen300dpiGiven that Donald Trump is a narcissistic, self-interested, exclusionist, irrational, racist, liar anyone who supports him is also a self-absorbed, egocentric, exclusionist, foolish, bigoted, deceiver. Because of this Trump is only a presidential choice by people who are ignorant suckers or truly self-absorbed fascists.

 This leaves the only choice for president by anyone who is not a self-absorbed fascist to be Hilary Clinton. Yes, it is true that there are two other independent candidates that are running, but a vote for them is a vote for the narcissist. So, Hilary Clinton is the only person to vote for.

 My plan is to vote for Hilary Clinton for president and to vote for Green Party candidates for every other position up for reelection. The Green Party is the only political party that understands the real threats that face human civilization. Both the Democrats and Republicans are blind to these threats and concerned with business as usual only.

I would vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party leader for president, but it is clear she cannot win this office given the political system in place today. I must ensure my vote for president is not squandered, but by voting green for every other office my hope is to empower the Green Party and raise them to a position of prominence for the next election cycle. My strategy will also ensure the narcissist is not made president and Hilary Clinton will have to accommodate the Green Party’s platform.

 It’s not a perfect plan, but it is a rational one.


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