Lake Tahoe, Hiking

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lily Lake to Gilmore Lake

Julia and I hiked from Lily Lake to Gilmore Lake today at South Lake Tahoe. It was a six-hour hike, we climbed 1,762 ft., and walked 11.57 mi. This is the biggest hike Julia and I have done since she broke her knee at the beginning of the year, so we feel she is back to full power now.

Julia has also used her downtime to help me finish my new book The Truth About Truth. It’s been a year in the writing and creation of this non-fiction short read and I am extremely happy to have given birth to it and thrust it upon the world. It should be available very soon for your reading pleasure.

Hiking to Gilmore Lake on this day was a kind of celebration of our huge Desolation Wilderness back-packing trip we did around this time last year. It made us both feel elated that we could see the beauty that is the Desolation Wilderness once again. This time we day-hiked it rather than spending three days back-packing, but it was just as amazing a journey for us both.

Emerald Bay

The next day. before we attempted to attend the wedding of our friends Mellissa and Phil, Julia and I hiked the lovely Emerald Bay at South Lake Tahoe. This is a real beauty spot, although nowhere near as secluded as Gilmore Lake. Still even with the crowds of lake goers we really enjoyed this gorgeous part of Lake Tahoe.


The Ill-fated wedding

After hiking the wonderful Emerald Bay, we cleaned ourselves up and got ready to attend our friends Mellissa and Phil’s wedding. As it turned out they had changed their wedding venue at the last moment and sent a message to us via Facebook messaging, and of course we did not receive the message until it was too late. Yes, for the first time in both of our lives we missed a wedding we had been invited to.

Oh well, Julia and I hope that Mellissa and Phil have a great honeymoon and life together. We certainly enjoyed our trip to South Lake Tahoe even if we didn’t get to celebrate our friend’s wedding.


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