Zoos are outdated, Knowland Park is irreplaceable vote no on Prop A1

Zoos are outdated, Knowland Park is irreplaceable vote no on Prop A1



2 Replies to “Zoos are outdated, Knowland Park is irreplaceable vote no on Prop A1”

  1. Prop A1 has nothing to do with the open space of Knowland Park! Prop A1 will help to maintain and improve the animal enclosures and facilities of the Oakland Zoo, and provide much needed support of the educational programs at the zoo.

    Deception and lies are at the root of the No on A1 campaign. Campaign supporters have even resorted to the juvenile tactics of the removal of “Yes on A1 signs,” replacing them with “No on A1 signs.”


    1. Pathetic, is a great word to describe the Oakland Zoo’s attempt to bamboozle the Oakland tax payer to add more funding to be used for the torture and mistreatment of wild animals by removing them from the wild and imprisoning them is a zoo. The Oakland Zoo creates animal ill health and then asks the tax payer for money to save the animals. This lying from the Oakland Zoo is so much of the zoo’s history. The zoo was begun by the Snow family, “big game hunters”, whose sole purpose was to create a business to capture and display wild animals ensuring their blood lust and an income.

      Over the years the Snow legacy has morphed into the East Bay Zoological Society. The history of this organization in misdirection and lies is well documented in the documentary film Knowland.

      Vote no on Prop A1 and help close down the Oakland Zoo, this will really save the anminals.

      Come see Knowland at the Oakland Office of PETA this Sunday. RSVP PETABayArea@peta.org

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