On our way to Fully Charged Live in Austin

On our way to Fully Charged Live in Austin – southwestern winter deserts – Joshua Tree – Saguaro National Park – Tucson Arizona https://davidmillett.net/Trips/2020/FullyCharged/Fully%20Charged.aspx  #Kobe #Journal #Travel #WebSites #NorthAmerica #USA


The land of the long white cloud.

Why are New Zealanders so nice?

Every time one arrives in Aoteroa one is struck by how friendly everyone is. Being a misanthrope and pessimist I’m compelled to think that, people being people, New Zealand must have it’s fair share nasty folk too; but I’ve never met one.

For example Sonya, the fresh-faced boarder patrol officer we encountered on arrival at the airport, is only full of smiles and reassuring comments as she X-rayed our luggage on the lookout for any contraband we might be carrying.

Then there is Ree Ree. She is a lovely forty-something year old native woman who must be one of the nicest humans I’ve ever met. As she executed her massage skill on my flabby and jetlagged body she kindly and gently explained the native history of Aotearoa.

Amazingly the Maori have an oral tradition of memorizing their ancestor’s family names. Ree Ree recited for me 30! generations of her family to me as she jabbed her elbow into the sore spots of my aching old body.

I’m sad to say I have no such recollection.

I love New Zealand.